The Binghamton University Times-Tribune (BUTTis the first and only (to our knowledge) satirical news source for Binghamton University students. We were awarded the number one satirical newspaper at Binghamton University in 2012, the year we were founded, ending the Pipe Dream‘s sixty-six year winning streak.

Our goal is to make the students of Binghamton University to laugh and forget that the world is going to utterly destroy them in just a few years. So read a few articles and let go a little bit. C’mon, you look tense.

All articles, quotes, and topics discussed are pure fiction and we intend to only offend at the very slightest. That being said, if you take grave offense to any names, pictures or anything else posted in The BUTT, please notify us via email, and we will do our best to work it out. We will not take responsibility for any personal injury or harm inflicted in the name of The BUTT. And we hope that no personal injury or harm is ever inflicted in our namesake. 

Executive Board (2017-18):

President and Editor-In-Chief: Constantine Markotsis
Vice President: Peter Clark-Deutsch
Treasurer: Kristen Dipietra
Secretary: Brian Walsh

Staff Writers (2017-18):

Kevin Brown
Sam Danziger
Josh Hummell
Dan Ladanza
Ethan Hecht
Harry Bittker

Contributors (2017-18):

Lloyd Benson III
Sara Cantor
Tom Casey (Class of 2017)
Sam Cermak
Alvito Distefano
Jack Fisher
G.W. Funkhauser
Sarah Glose (Class of 2014)
Jeremy Kaplowitz (Class of 2015)
Dan Kersten (Class of 2016, Editor Emeritus)
Christian Macaluso (Class of 2017, Editor Emeritus)
Jim Mencel (Class of 2016, Editor Emeritus)
Jordan Siegel (Class of 2015, Editor Emeritus)
Dennis Walsh


Past Staff Members: Gone and Likely Forgotten.