Tragic! These Freshmen Enticed This Young Woman into Entering Their Suite with ‘Food Network’ and Now They Are Showing Her Anime

Shifting uncomfortably on the sticky green couch, Brittany York coughs quietly to try and break the near-silence. She entered suite 4F on account of its brief airing of her favorite television program, ‘Chopped’. We regret to report that it was not long into the episode before the all-male suite quickly started to show her their … Continue reading

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Melania Trump Brings Awareness to Cyber Bullying Victims by Wearing Dress of Donald Trump Tweets

                      After months of silence and disinterest, Melania Trump finally made the bold first step towards her long-awaited anti-cyberbullying initiative. Yesterday, while addressing the public, the First Lady debuted a stunning white cashmere mini-dress, affixed with pointed shoulders and imprinted with a select catalog of … Continue reading