Freshman With Way Too Much Leftover Meal Plan Money Buys Entire Dining Hall

By Peter Clark-Deutsch


Maria Smith, seen here, in her new dining hall.

As the semester draws to a close, it is not unusual for younger students to be in a situation where they have to call their parents up for the third time asking for more money on their meal plans so that they can survive. Yet there are those who seem to never spend any of their money over the course of a semester.

Freshman Maria Smith, who according to friends “has like a bajillion dollars” on her meal plan, bought the entire Hinman Dining Hall with her remaining funds over the weekend. This financial decision stemmed from the fact that Smith didn’t really have any intention on using her money towards anything else.

“I hate the food here and I only live off a banana and bag of lettuce a day so I had a lot of cash to burn.” Smith told The BUTT.

Despite now owning an entire building to herself, Smith’s plans for her new real estate is pretty modest.

“I just really want to use the place as a place to study, and maybe host Hoop Troupe practices,” Smith said. She also added, “I’m probably going to have to look for people to run the Starbucks, because, I mean it’s a Starbucks on a college campus.”


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