Impoverished Towns Receive Free Hillary Clinton “Presidential Election Champion” T-shirts

By Peter Clark-Deutsch


One of the many t-shirt designs now available in impoverished towns across the world.

Yesterday, a small town in Zambia received a large shipment of Hillary Clinton’s commemorative merchandise made in preparation for her win in the 2016 Election. The shirts and hats, which were manufactured by Reebok, were, for obvious reasons, not able to hit shelves, so the company decided to donate the merchandise to disaster areas and impoverished places all over the world.

Traditionally before every election night, two sets of pre-printed t-shirts, hats, and sweaters that declare each candidate the winner are packaged and ready to be shipped to retailers. The winner’s merchandise will move onto to be sold, while the loser’s items are moved to a distribution center where they are shipped across the globe to impoverished and politically uninformed persons.

This year, Donald Trump’s championship t-shirts are being sold nationwide because it looks like the American people thought that they needed more Trump paraphernalia to go along with the countless “Make America Great Again” hats and “Trump that Bitch” t-shirts. Reebok CEO, Matthew O’Toole, added “It probably wouldn’t have been appropriate to send a lot of these Trump shirts to Africa or Latin America if Trump had lost so I guess that’s a good thing to come out of all of this, right?”

The aftermath of this election left many Americans feeling disappointed and outraged, but at the very least, we should all feel grateful that people in poorer countries now have an extra shirt to go along with their Romney and McCain shirts.


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