Math Department Advises Calculus Students to Not Cry Until Out of Testing Room


By Dan Kersten

crying_college_student calc butt article

A calculus student, seen here, following the math department’s request.

In a statement released by math department, officials urged students taking the MATH 226 exam to not cry until they have fully exited the examination room. The statement reads, “You are going to cry, but please do it outside for the sake of other soon-to-be emotionally distraught people still taking the test.”

The action comes from recent complaints from calculus students that students who finish the exam more often than not burst into hysterical crying fits before turning in their exams and leaving the room are a frequent distraction. Julia McNaire, a sophomore, told The BUTT, “When the person next to you just starts breaking down, tearing out her hair, and wishing she had never been born, it’s really hard to focus on an integral question.”

Department officials stated that once the disheartened students exit their examination room, Counseling Center officials will be on hand to advise students to give up on their dreams and therapy dogs to bite you.


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