New Bartle Employee Suspended for Enforcing “No Food” Policy

By Adam Lemma

bartle library

Glenn G. Bartle Library, where the controversy unfolded.

Glenn G. Bartle Library was thrown into chaos for the first time since the Great Power Outage this past September. Donald Graver, a junior studying marketing strategy, was ejected from his work study program after harassing a student for eating in the library.
“I noticed the sign on the door when I showed up for my first shift and thought it was legit.” Donald claims. “Seriously, there are signs everywhere.”

Eyewitnesses standing in the printer line stated that the incident occurred around noon when Maura Hennessey, a sophomore nursing major, walked into the Computer PODS carrying a Sodexo turkey wrap in a to go container and a Diet Coke. An unprompted comment came from Donald who was behind the stapler desk informing her that there was no food allowed in the PODS. When Graver’s request was ignored, he remarked again raising his voice so it could pierce through the first floor clishmaclaver like the laugh of a pledge logging study hours. Hearing this, Maura stopped her search for an open desk and made a beeline to the front desk.

When questioned about the series of events, Hennessy recounts that she was in complete and utter shock. “At first I thought he was joking. Who even does that? During finals week Domino’s delivers to the lobby. When he said it a second time I went straight to the actual librarian and told her what happened. I just couldn’t believe it was happening.”

After being notified, Graver’s supervisor had him called into her office to be stripped of his position as a student worker until he appeals to the Student Employment Council.

“I have never enforced the ‘No Food’ policy.” says veteran worker and graduate student, Michelle Rosenthal, who was sitting beside Donald at the time of the incident. “I just do my homework and play Bubble Shooter.”

“I thought there was more to my job than refilling printers and overseeing staplers.” Graver admits. “I guess I know better now.”


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