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Hurricanes Devastate the South: Binghamton Students Enjoy the Consequent Nice Weather by Not Doing Shit

Hurricanes have recently torn through the south, devastating a large portion of the country. Many homes, businesses, and lives were buried beneath the storm surge waves. In Binghamton, we have benefitted from the warm weather pushed north from the hurricanes, and have done our best to make good use of it. Here at BU we’ve … Continue reading

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Undecided Freshman Thinks About Whether to Major in Liberal Arts or STEM While Ignoring the Futility of Finite Existence

 frBU freshman and person roughly 6.65xE28 times smaller than the observable universe, Sarah Jacobs, has decided to take the next bold step in her college education by finally declaring her major. Jacobs made the decision after narrowing her choices down to either humanities or something in the STEM field, saying, “There are just so many … Continue reading


Parent’s Weekend Leaves Woodstock Generation Appalled at Their Softcore Children

This weekend was another of Binghamton’s popular Family Weekends, during which the parents and siblings of attending students are graciously invited to make sure that their children do not have any fun for 48 hours. We live in a progressive time, and many parents have come to accept, and even expect, that their children are … Continue reading